We have been tying our knot for 25 years now.

It all started when we met in an Irish music band back in Poland. Ever since then we have been singing and playing together, still drawing from the rich tradition of Irish traditional music, but also adding some extra threads to our knot, originating from many places and genres that resonate with us for many reasons.

We believe that in music, as in life, diversity can be the source of beauty and inspiration. Living in Ireland now, we have a chance to take part in traditional music sessions, where we share our music in a minimalistic, acoustic setting. We create and record our own music, as well as prepare our versions of songs by other authors. The many instruments that Witek uses in our recordings add extra colours and sounds from all over the world. Be it sea shanties, ballads, Balkan rhythms, or even mantras chanted along with the audience – we weave the threads of our music with respect for the traditions we draw from.