Let it go

My trips to the forest and things I learn there.

My mind was like a late autumn forest
gnarled branches hung with fog so thick
tangled roots I stumbled over starved
tall rugged chimneys were shedding clouds of dead leaves.

Climbing up the slippery path I thought
I can’t forget my way back down, the only one I know
this thorny maze glazed with dew and mud
must surely lead somewhere, isn’t it always so?

Just let me go
Let me flow

Followed the voices I had hardly heard before
drowned out by all I wanted to forget
the rain whispered if you’re struggling up
the peak must surely be somewhere ahead

but the path fell sharply down the slope
and turned into a stretch of muddy sand
never made it up above the clouds.
My thoughts and time and rain stopped there, at the river bank.

I let them go
I let them flow

Broke the water’s mirror with my numbing hands
but my shaking face stayed there between
the rolling pebbles, trees and the darkening sky behind
that other side felt colder than the evening wind

when the pale night’s eye blinked through the clouds
and stars like raindrops fell into the glass
gates darker than the night burst open wide
cutting my heart loose from the future and the past.

And I let them go
I let them flow

Dew drops play there on the strings of morning light
flickering colours tint the drowsy rolling waves
new blades of grass grow and hold on tight
to hope reborn in simple everydays

Between things clear at a closer look
and wholeness certain only from afar
flows this unwritten, ever open river book
unstirred by anything, gone or yet to come.

Just let it go
let it flow

Slow down
Let your heart know
Let the time flow
Let your light glow

These are just words but words can heal
and always take me back where I belong
that forest, river, and clouds so real
my dreams of simplest things go on and on

once in a while when the day grows dim
the winged voices lead me there again to see
my heart flying free with the autumn wind
so light with everything it doesn’t have to be

And I let it grow
Let it flow

Let the tears flow
Let your peace grow
Let your heart show
Let the silence grow

Slow down