The Way – Knot, ft. Mahsa Foolad

We’ve been always fond of poetry – a genuine friend helping us survive our toughest times. However, when we started discovering Persian poetry for ourselves a few years ago, a whole new chapter opened, adding many beautiful colours to this wonderful mosaic, a fabric woven by almost every culture in the world. We were incredibly lucky to meet Fariba and Mahsa – two sisters from Iran, living in Ireland – whose love for Persian poetry brought our appreciation of poets like Rumi, or Hafez to a whole new level. We got to listen to these beautiful, and meaningful poems in their original form – in Farsi, one of the oldest languages, still very well and alive today, which contributed so much to World Culture at large. The musicality of the language and emotional charge behind their recitations were so great that even though initially we did not understand even the basic meaning of the words, we sat there enchanted, as Witek provided a gentle musical accompaniment in the background. To our ears it sounded truly magical, and we couldn’t wait to learn the stories behind them.

And this is how this song originated.We started wondering how our own lyrics would sound in this ancient, elegant language. Witek chose a short poem from many years ago, and Mahsa did us an honour of translating her own interpretation into Farsi. After we heard the result, we couldn’t let it go unrecorded, and decided to juxtapose both language versions in a musical setting, which we’d like to share with you. Also, in the video clip, you can meet Mahsa for yourself in the beautiful surroundings from our vicinity.

Our deepest, heartfelt gratitude to Mahsa and Fariba for your friendship and for this still unfolding journey, which gets more beautiful and meaningful as it continues. We’re savouring and cherishing every minute of it, hoping it will last a lifetime!

Lyrics in English:

You ask for directions, for you are the way
winding between the earth and the sky,
unfinished story suspended there,
a dark forest path spotted with sunlight.

May you find your comfort
before the last of stray sunbeams struggles in vain
to cut through.
Like the night, in the end, you too will fall
caught in a cloud heavy with rain.