Wayside Song – Knot

Do you know where you’re going?
Or believe that you know?
Is there really the end there?
Is it good if it’s so?

Rushing from one point to another we are likely missing all that is in between – and this could amount to quite a lot. So, instead of going far, let’s go deeper. Let’s take the looped mountain trail, where the road travelled becomes the purpose, the goal on its own. Where the beginning and the end is the same (rather arbitrary) point, but you see it differently when approaching it from another angle, another time. Where the farther away you go, the closer you get; where leaving means returning. Why rush then? Let’s stray off the busy main track, and savour the seemingly familiar sights in ever so many new, delightfully surprising ways, again and again.

Let’s sit by the wayside and watch the world rush past instead.