DUAN is a Polish band renowned for its expertise in Irish Traditional Music. Since its debut in March 2005 it has been performing extensively both in traditional pub settings, as well as at big European festivals, such as Przystanek Woodstock, Beltine, Bie Daip, Zamek Celtic Music Festival and FKC Dowspuda, playing numerous concerts for the Irish Culture Foundation, as well as with solo artists, such as Bob Bales.

DUAN continuously gains considerable recognition for its attention to the nuances of the traditional styles of the Clare, Sligo and Belfast areas, incorporating them into original compositions (such as ‘Skellige‘ for the promotion of ‘The Witcher’ computer game), maritime folk repertoire and fusion projects, such as Celtic-Balkan Power Project done with Carrantuohill and Fanfare Ciocarlia in 2012.

The band performs regularly with the leading Irish dancers from Poland – both soloists and groups, such as Treblers – Mainland-European Irish Dance Championship winners.

More information at the band website.