Polar Night – Knot

    We’re passionate about Irish culture and coming to live in Ireland was a lifetime dream that brought us together over 25 years ago.

    In December 2015 we eventually decided to make it come true. It was a rocky journey – Witek had to come first, leaving everything behind, and start preparing our new life from scratch. It took half a year, and all this time was our polar night – full of uncertainty, darkness, loneliness, but also great determination and a belief that this temporary parting will bear wonderful fruit in the future.

    Thankfully, it all worked. We are now together in our place on Earth, and our polar night remains only a memory in this song.


    So it began, our polar night
    disguised as an ordinary day.
    Provisional station still in sight
    blindfolded future on its way
    trampling upon abandoned hopes
    heading for all uncertain years
    or days, or months,
    who could have known?
    The last night seemed just like the first

    One way ticket from the past
    didn’t seem like the dream we’ve grown,
    our sweetest memories trapped in glass
    bitterly froze awaiting dawn.
    In vain I tried to hide in the void
    weaved into coldest days and nights –
    it’s there I met my darkest thoughts
    scary and blind,
    blind to polar lights.

    But now it ends, the longest night,
    so grand our ordinary days
    of ocean breath, turf fire light
    of rainy hills and cloudy shades
    as ghostly evening shadows dance
    to tangled branches’ lullaby,
    as drowsy morning birds entrance
    with songs of welcome and goodbye.

    These are the same songs –
    of welcome and goodbye.