Lucyan & Witek

The ”Lucyan & Witek” duo presents a mixture of Celtic and Eastern music. The repertoire consists of original compositions inspired by both musical realms, as well as traditional and contemporary songs and tunes from the British Isles and Asia in soulful, intimate arrangements. So far the musicians have performed together in Poland, Switzerland and Italy.

Lucyan (Lucjan Wesołowski) is a composer and performer, author of 18 albums published 37 times in Italy, Poland, Hungary and the USA. Within the Duo he plays the sitar, Indian bansuri flute, guitar, and he sings mantras. More details at the Artist’s webpage.

Witek Kulczycki is a composer and performer specializing in Irish music. In the Duo’s repertoire he plays the Irish flute, tin and low whistles, 12-string guitar, and he sings songs from the British Isles.